Bartley’s Bonanza


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

January 26-27 – Royal Hills Road Trip

The last time we went to Royal Hills it was possibly the wettest two days I and the rest of the group had ever tried to play golf in.  So bad was it that on the second day most of the players had to give up.  Really speaking the course would never have been opened in any other country, however it seems green fees and money take precedence here.

One good thing out of it was that the management were very gracious and allowed us some rain checks for a future date.  These we used for this latest trip.

Royal Hills road trip golfers pose with wives and girlfriends for a group photo. Royal Hills road trip golfers pose with wives and girlfriends for a group photo.

What a change!  We had been told that this venue was one of the best and most picturesque and so it proved when we played this last two days in perfect weather conditions.

The course is somewhat similar to Soi Dao but bettered manicured with a more modern hotel.  However it still holds all the hazards and difficulty of Soi Dao golf course.

Playing from the blue tees also set quite a challenge for some of the players.  The course length is about 6,500 yards from the blues.

Two days of fun and serious golf ended up with the following results:

Day 1 Singles

1st Stuart Gordon 32pts

2nd Mike Gerrard 31pts

3rd John Bartley 30pts

Day 1 Pairs

1st Mike Gerrard & Keith Etherington 39pts

2nd Stuart Gordon & Eamon Murtagh 39pts

3rd Bill Hewitt & John Bartley 38pts

Day 2 Singles

1st John Bartley 38pts

2nd Peter Rawling 36pts

3rd Keith Etherington 33pts

Day 2 Pairs

1st Bill Hewitt & John Bartley 44pts

2nd Mike Gerrard & Keith Etherington 38pts

3rd Peter Rawling & Minere Khan 37pts

Singles 2 Day Total

1st John Bartley 68pts

2nd Keith Etherington 62pts

3rd Stuart Gordon 61pts

Pairs 2 Day Total

1st Bill Hewitt & John Bartley 82pts

2nd Mike Gerrard & Keith Etherington 77pts

3rd Stuart Gordon & Eamon Murtagh 76pts

So, ‘Big’ John Bartley claimed the winning trophy as best singles player over the 2 days.  The best pairs (John Bartley & Bill Hewitt) team were awarded with vouchers to the value of 500 baht each donated by Nemo’s Music Lounge situated in Soi Diana.

Near pin winners for the two days were: Minere Khan (2), Angel Matamala, Peter Rawling (2), Keith Etherington & Bill Hewitt.

We had many lucky draw prizes to give away to anyone who did not win anything and some of them were kindly donated by Joe Miller.  Thanks Joe.

The Wooden Spoon went to Angel Matamala.

After the presentation it was then left for everyone to make their way home, hopefully before it turned dark

General verdict by everyone – Fabulous!  It will be done again.

Tuesday, January 31 – Phoenix

The last Tuesday of the month is reserved for our Stroke Play competition for the Trattoria Italiana voucher donated by Giorgio Baccioli.

It was Lake and Ocean course at Phoenix today, again in perfect weather conditions for the field of players to challenge for the title.

Winner today was Keith Etherington with a fine score of net 69 to claim the winning place in A Flight and the best score of the day to receive the Trattoria Italiana voucher.

In second place in A Flight was Angel Matamala with a net 71.  This was also great to see by the fact that Angel was awarded the Wooden Spoon at Royal Hills.  Great comeback!  Unfortunately it was to be his last score on his holiday before going back to his native country.

In third place was Gary (Mr. Consistency) Blackburne with a net 74.

In B Flight the winner was Bill Hewitt on net 72 ahead of Sergio Volpi (net 75) in second and filling the podium in third was John Stafford on net 77.

Near pins went to Bill Hewitt, Denis Dixon, Keith Etherington & Adriano Reale.

The lucky draw prizes donated by The Relax Bar at Ban Amphur went to Joe Miller and Richard Baldwin.

After the presentation we said our fond farewells to Minere Khan and Angel Matamala who leave after a fine holiday here in Fun City.

For further information regarding golf and sea fishing in our group please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.