Bartley does it again


Phoenix Members Golf Society

Golf life at present is just not the same.  Due to the new owners of Phoenix Golf Club imposing unacceptable increases in the cost of playing at Phoenix (to both members and walk-in players), we are joining in with a general boycott of the club until some common sense prevails to welcome players back.  This boycott is generally being supported by nearly all members, plus many of our guests and other walk-in players around the area.

Some say it is nice to play other courses and of course they are entitled to their opinion.  My thoughts are that so far I’ve yet to find one that compares with Phoenix.  However, maybe one day things will change back to an acceptable standard and we can get back to our beloved fairways and greens.

Tuesday’s top three, with John Bartley standing center rear, pose with the staff at The Relax Bar.

Last Tuesday, Nov. 19, we played at Plutaluang, which in my opinion is a great layout but very difficult for the average player.  Not so however for John Bartley who returned a superb score of 38 points (11 more than the next player) to claim the KPK Food Services voucher, plus the usual first prize.  Next best in second place was Wolfram Krueger with 27 points and joint third were Richard Baldwin & Patrick Browne with 26 points each.

Only two near pin prizes were awarded and they went to the aforementioned Richard Baldwin & Patrick Browne.  Wolfram Krueger won the free drink voucher and yours truly won the free massage, both prizes donated by our hosts The Relax Bar at Ban Amphur.

On Friday, Nov. 22, it was that man Bartley again – yes he is on fire – who scored 37 points to take first place at the Emerald track (another great layout and very difficult par 72).  Next best was the 33 points returned by me old Brummie mate Colin Gregg.  It was a shame really for Colin as he scored 23 points on the front nine only to blow up a little on the back with only 10 more points.  In third place was Eamon Murtagh with 31 points, beating his Irish compatriot Maurice Guiney on the back nine.

Near pins went Steve Gibson, Maurice Guiney (2) & John Bartley (by courtesy of a lucky draw).  The 50 baht lucky draw prize was won by Giorgio Baccioli.