Barrett’s the boy


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

Friday, Feb. 17, Phoenix – Stableford

Yes folks, after a couple of dodgy weeks with stomach bugs etc, our Arthur Barrett scored a fine 36 points to win the Friday game.  Second was Bill Hewitt, beating Clive Robinson on count back who in turn pushed Landis Brooks into fourth, all on 33 points.

Near pins went to Louis McConkey, Landis Brooks, Ted Oreton and Peter Wathall.

The lucky draw prizes donated by our hosts The Relax Bar went to Bob Walsh, Joris Goetshalkx, and Ken Hatton.

Tuesday’s top three with winner Bill Hewitt (center) pose for a photo with a staff member from The Relax Bar. Tuesday’s top three with winner Bill Hewitt (center) pose for a photo with a staff member from The Relax Bar.

I cannot comment on the course conditions due to myself being ill.  I know I went to the registration before the game and to the presentation after the game, but I don’t remember anything else that happened on the day.  However it seemed that everyone enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, Feb. 21, Phoenix – Stableford

Slightly recovered from the laryngitis and bronchitis, yours truly played for the first time for two weeks.  What a lovely day it was at the course.  At last the hordes of tourist golfers seem to have dwindled and we managed to get away on time.  That is to say the players who arrived on time!

Being involved in a four-ball with Bill Hewitt today was a pleasure by the way that he played.  Bill notched up 40 points today for the win.  I myself, and one or two others, managed to score 37 points but sadly we were not in the frame.  Had Bill not scored a double bogey at the last he would have ended up with super score, however, it didn’t stop him having his handicap cut for the rest of the week.

As well as the normal winner’s prize, Bill was awarded the Nemo Music Lounge voucher kindly donated by Federico.

In second place was Joe Miller with 39 points and in third place was Hugh Byrne with 38.  Yes folks the saga continues with Hugh.  Everyone thought that after his months of illness and operations he would struggle for a while.  Well he has played twice with us since his return and scored 35 and 38 points.  And he still walks the course!  As they say, beware the wounded tiger (or shark might be more apt).  Well done Hugh!

Near pins went to Peter Wathall, Joe Miller & Peter Rawling.

Lucky draws donated by The Relax Bar went to yours truly, Harvey Trewarn & Joris Goetshalkx.

The presentation was somewhat disrupted today due to a group of nine players joining our group and failing to return to the presentation.  We had waited long enough for them and most folks were starting to wander off.

Also we found out to our pleasure that it was Sergio Volpi’s birthday and he insisted on paying for the first drink for everyone at the presentation.  We all sang happy birthday to him.  This meant that we had quite a bit of money left over (in excess of 1,000 baht) so it was agreed that we would donate it to the Phoenix staff and caddies party the following day.

I had a very strange phone call in the week from a gentleman who was quite upset that we do not print the handicaps of the winning players in our group.  The answer is quite simple.  All players must have an official handicap to play in our group and no more than 28 is allowed.  I soon discovered that this gentleman was either on something that we all might enjoy someday or he was from another planet, because he then went on to complain that I never state what course we play at!  We are called the Phoenix group after all.