Banks bounces back at Pattavia


PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort

Tuesday, August 23, Bangpra – Stableford

On Tuesday we returned to Bangpra golf course where the caddies are possibly the best turned out in the area with well tailored uniforms in subtle colours that are pleasant on the eye without being too glaring.

Stuart Banks, Willem Lasonder and Stan.
Stuart Banks, Willem Lasonder and Stan.

The course had been in uncharacteristic poor condition this dry season, but after the recent rains the grass has grown back in, there was water in the lakes and nature was all around with dolphins in the ponds and monkeys in the trees.  At least until our groups arrived on the tee, when about a hundred monkeys poured out of the trees for the safety of the middle of the fairway.

Such surroundings obviously inspired our golf as, with one exception, everyone scored in the 30’s, with Willem Lasonder teeing off first and piling up 36 points after 16 holes, but the pressure was too much and he wiped out on the last two holes leaving him to endure the agony of the “leader in the clubhouse”.  But Stuart Banks, who had a fantastic 22 points on the front nine, couldn’t quite sustain it and came up one short with 35 to finish second.  The one exception to good golf was myself, but when I was looking for my ball in the jungle a monkey stole my swing.

Thursday, August 25, Pattavia – Stableford

Thursday saw us at Patavia, one of the nicest courses here that is improving every year and, despite the long, tiresome drive, it is very popular with our group.

You would think with the quick greens here that scoring would be difficult, but again our golfers were on form with all scoring in the 30’s.  The standout round today came from the in-form Stuart Banks with 39 points.  He just beat out Martin Hayes on 38 and Neil Harvey on 37.  We also had a society first when the scribe bagged all four of the near pins with some searing iron play.

Note: Siam Country Resort, Restaurant & Bar is located just off Siam Country Club Rd, after going under the arch past the 7/11, turn right after 50 meters, with the venue on the left another 200 meters along.  Golf from here is played on Tuesday & Thursday, with the Resort hosting prompt presentations on both days.  As a PSC affiliated venue we welcome all golfers.  Call 089 2535440 (Willem Lasonder) for scheduling or enquiries.