Banjo back on top


IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at The Links Bar

On Monday, November 16, the Pattaya Golf Society made the arduous trip north, up the broken 331 to Greenwood.  Such is the appalling state of the road, the trip up requires an extra 15 minutes.  The terrible conditions apply to the return journey as well, meaning most cars will sustain some damage before these works are completed. 

Once there, Greenwood is as welcoming as ever, with good deals applying at least until month’s end.  The course, now the drying-out process has started, is playing well.  Fairways offer good lies, bunkers, apart from the few that desperately need more sand, are well presented and the greens, whilst not at their best are not too far away.

Len Jones & Russell Exley.

Our stableford competition saw the two-flight split made at 13.3 and under.  Our six groups got underway a little early, and proceeded relatively smoothly with little hold-ups even though we were behind a full field.

Today’s scoring was modest, especially compared to October’s visit, when the winner and runner-up recorded 40 and 38 points respectively.

In A Flight, Tim Dale (H/cap 13) and Paul Hubberd (9) shared runner-up spot with 32 stableford points each but one shot better was Mark Cooper (13) on 33 who took the win.

The B Flight also saw 32 points good enough to place second.  Sharing the runner-up spot was Jim Ferris (23) and Larry Slattery (19) while the flight winner, with today’s best round, was Richard ‘Banjo’ Bannister (13), who put together a commendable 35 points.  Thirteen – a good handicap to have today!

There was just the one ‘2’; scored on B2 by Mark Cooper competing in A Flight.

Exley tops Pattana

The Pattaya Golf Society took six groups up the 331, to play a stableford competition at the popular Pattana Golf Club on Wednesday, November 18.  After establishing a two-flight split at 16 and under, we decided on a two-tee competition – A Flight off white tees, B Flight off yellows – and it was a good decision on this tough test of golf.

Mr David, the day’s organiser, got it wrong however when not invoking preferred lies.  With carts permitted on fairways, the thinking was that fairways had dried out somewhat.  Good tee shots had some run, all of 6–9 inches, and mud-balls where the norm.  ‘Lift clean and place’ would have been better.  .

We were allotted B & C nines and despite recent rain the fairways were well presented, as were the greens.  Bunkers, with their fine, fluffy and uncompacted sand still offer frustrations, but on the whole this course remains one of the best presented on our regular rota.

With podium placers limited to just three per flight, competition was keen.  In B Flight, just one shot separated the first five golfers, with four sharing the runner-up slot on 30 stableford points; these were Martin Hoblyn (24), Larry Slattery (18), Mike King (18) and Dave Lehane (17).  The flight winner, and one shot better on 31, was Tony O’Neill (24).

A Flight fared slightly better.  In third with 31 points was Brian Talbot (13), runner-up and having his first game this trip was Huw Phillips (14) on 33 points, and the flight winner was mine host, Russell Exley (9), with a well compiled 34 points representing a very good round of golf on such a tough layout.

Just the one two today, and it came out of B Flight.  Well done Dave Lehane on C7.

Bosses in charge

On Friday, November 20, the Pattaya Golf Society revisited Crystal Bay after an absence of five months to play a stableford competition on the C and A nines, in two flights and with the cut coming at fifteen and under.

Generally the course was in good condition and the individual greens have significantly improved since the last visit.  Consistency across both nines however continues to be a problem, as with most multi-nine courses.

A full course meant slower than normal progress but a fresh breeze kept conditions comfortable for the golfers.  Both flights showed similar score spreads with John O’Sullivan sharing third place with Mike King in the second flight on 32 points.  In second was the consistent Irishman Larry Slattery with 35 points but the day belonged to the PGS “golf geezer” Mr Len as his 37 points represented his best for a while.

In the top flight Jon Batty and George Robinson shared third place with 33 points each whilst Peter Wilson went one better to take second place.  The flight winner was the Links “boss” Russell Exley with his best gross of eighty giving him 37 points.

There were no birdie ‘2’s and the non winners’ beer was won by Ron Matthews whilst the Booby Bevy went to the returning Murray Edwards for his large split figures for the day, 11 and 17.