Baechli the best of a bad bunch


PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday, August 13, Bangpra – Stableford

We had a good turnout for this visit to what has to be one of the best courses around.  Despite the fact that it beat us up on the day there was not one of the players who did not have a great day despite the water covers being on and the bags and the monkeys being absent.

A great deal at present, along with a super course, saw us all there nice and early and raring to go.  Despite the rain of late we were able to play without the ball picking up mud and that made playing from the fairway a pleasure.  Mind, on this particular day I did not seem to be able to find the fairway very often and the rough was very difficult to get out of.

Walter Baechli (left) with Max Scott.Walter Baechli (left) with Max Scott.

The greens here are infamous; they have a history of being unplayable for the average golfer and indeed for some pretty good ones.  There was the time that if you got on the top side of some of them the caddy’s word was “Bye Bye” as the ball disappeared off the bottom of the green.  However these days they are just really fast and with a constant drizzle today they were just fast.

Talking of a drizzle, it rained most of the time and it did not help the golf.  I expected scores that were not great, especially as it seemed that our group was making heavy work of it.  I hoped the others were playing better.

Always nice to get finished and into a warm shower here.  A new facility, the showers are great and the towels white and new, a bit of luxury.  Then it was up for a bite to eat at the restaurant to relax before the trip back to Bert’s.

Back at Bert’s it was time for the results and to find that as bad as our group played, it seemed the others played even worse.  The winner was Walter Baechli with 34 points ahead of in second Max Scott with 33 and in third was George Bayley with 30 points on count back over Dick Warberg.  Taking fifth place was the Scribe with a magnificent 29 points, however, with a first, third and fifth, and very average scores, our three-ball was the best – still rubbish but the best.  How about that!  T.T.F.N.

Near Pins:  Walter Baechli, Mike O’Brien, Max Scott.