Back to normalities


Jomtien Golf with the I.P.G.C.

Monday, September 15, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Still a slight improvement here but still with hard fairways and the crazy part about that is the buggies were confined to cart paths only, which did not please everyone. Some high scores coming in today with Chris Voller winning Division 1 with 41 points, nine points behind is Terry Madsen and in third place Eiichi Matsumoto beats Paul Butler 14/13 on a back nine countback after they both come in with 29 points.

39 points wins Division 2 for Bryan Priestley with Chris Reed in second position with 35 and the dark side boy Alan Bissell is third on 33.

Not one person is on the green in Division 1 for nearest the pins while in Division 2 Alan Bissell wins on the 12th and Eiichi Matsumoto on the 5th. Chris Voller birdies the 16th and in division 2 a rollover to Greenwood on Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 17, Greenwood – Stableford

We are playing the B and C courses today and the two divisional cut is the same as Monday, 1 – 17 and 18 plus in Division 2. Playing very steady lately Chris Reed wins Division 2 with 33 points, Rod Howett is second on 31 and Bryan Priestley is third with 26. In his last game with us before he returns to Oz for a few weeks, Lindsay Phillips beats Harry Vincenzi 15/14 on the back nine to win Division 1 after they both come in with 32 points. Chris Voller is third on 31 beating Bryan Rought on a 15/13 countback.

Harry Vincenzi, Terry Madsen & Rod Howett.

In the near pins today, Bryan Rought and Chris Voller are happy chappies while Rod Howett is the only winner in Division 2. In the two’s there are now two rollovers to Green Valley next Monday while in division 1 Chris Voller birdies C6.

Many Thanks to Burnie and Chris for organizing the golf over the past 10 days.

Friday, September 19, Eastern Star – Stableford

It’s back to normalities here at Jomtien Golf and our normal turnout of six groups out for this time of the year here. As always this week the equal cut today was 8-17 and 18+. There are three cards returned with 36 points in Division 1, a countback of 20/19/17 and Terry Madsen takes the podium position with Mikael Andersson second and Alan Hansen third.

An amazing four scores of 33 come in for the Division 2 placings and with countbacks of 18/17/16/11, Rod Howett wins the division with Iain Walsh in second place and Darryl Blair comes in third. Willy Van Heetvelde loses out but this will soon be recovered.

Mikael Andersson birdies the 3rd and Terry Madsen the 17th to split the pot in the two’s in Division 1 while a rollover ensues in Division 2 to next Friday.

In nearest the pins today in Division 1: Paul Butler, Alan Hansen and Terry Madsen (2). In Division 2 and in the last group out Colin Aspinall on the 13th and Willy Van Heetvelde on the 2nd, 6th and 17th.

Next week’s fixtures: Mon 29th Emerald St.; Wed 1st Burapha St; Fri 3rd Eastern Star St.