Ashes and sackcloth


IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday, Nov. 15, Khao Kheow – Stableford


1st Garry Barling (9) 35pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (14) 33pts

3rd Peter Skinner (11) 33pts

4th Yasuo Suzuki (10) 33pts

5th Dick Heaney (14) 31pts

Following an extremely high scoring week, the visits to three tough courses this past seven days was a complete turnaround starting with the always hard to beat Khao Kheow off the yellow tees over the B and C layouts.

Garry Barling.Garry Barling.

New boy Garry Barling, having not seen the course previously, had none of the concerns or trepidations that affected the rest of the day’s hopefuls, being the only player to play within the standard two shots of handicap and thus ensuring that the CSS would move out three strokes for the day.

Trevor Schirmer got the better of Peter Skinner in a count-back for second with a better 21 to 18 around the C course.  Yasuo Suzuki, having made good use of the tips taken in during the previous week’s play, came fourth after only scraping together 16 in the same count-back, with Dick Heaney another couple back in fifth spot.

Peter Skinner and Jens Gunnarsson shared the 2’s pool in the first division whilst amazingly Irwin Epp had two in the second division, scoring four points on each and together with another couple of pars off his 19 handicap looked to be a shoo-in winner, but then managed to collect just nine points on the other 14 holes to slip out of contention in the main competition.  But the 2’s pot was well worth the effort as it comprised four roll-overs.

Before presenting the prizes The Doc welcomed new members Irwin Epp and Garry Barling and also welcomed back Jens Gunnarsson and Rodney Nabbe.

Wednesday, Nov. 17, Green Valley – Stableford


1st Peter Skinner (11) 37pts

2nd Trevor Schirmer (14) 37pts

3rd Irwin Epp (19) 36pts

4th Roar Berger (27) 35pts

5th Alan Pilkington (10) 35pts

6th Peter Sumner (7) 35pts

With many of the players considering the day’s venue as a home course, playing it a least a couple of times a month, it was unsurprising that the scores were a great improvement for the second of the weekday competitions.

Peter Skinner.Peter Skinner.

Peter Skinner turned the tables on Trevor Schirmer today, taking the number one spot in a count-back with a better 20 to 17 result over the inward half after a steady opening nine as Trevor slipped slightly following a strong outward nine.

Irwin Epp, helped by yet another ‘2’, took third place with a much better overall score on most of the holes.  Roar Berger led in a group of three for fourth place with the best back nine of 18 as Alan Pilkington took fifth and Peter Sumner sixth after they had leveled the count-back over the nine at 17 a piece with and Alan squeezing in by a margin of 12 to 11 over the last six.

Mikael Andersson and Kevin Hamilton shared the 2’s pool in the first division and Irwin Epp showed that it was not a fluke the previous outing as he dropped in another ‘2’ in the second division but this time had to share the pot with Al Rolnik, Dick Heaney and Shuichi Kodaka.

Back at The Haven Joanna Lundahl was welcomed as a new member and Al Rolnik, Paul Simpson, David Howden and Benny Hansen were welcomed back.

Friday, Nov. 19, Laem Chabang B & C (White tees) – Stableford

CSS 73

1st Dave Howden (13) 36pts

2nd Peter Skinner (11) 34pts

3rd Trevor Schirmer (14) 34pts

4th Lindsay Gailey (14) 33pts

5th Carsten Becker (6) 33pts

After a hiatus of more than five years the Soi 13 group returned to Laem Chabang following requests by a few of the regular golfers to play.  Not much seems to have changed in the intervening years, with the costs still far out of the reach of the average golfer who resides in Thailand and who does not command a banker’s style pension, and making comparisons with other available courses it is difficult to substantiate the differences in a cost/value analysis.

David Howden took his first win at The Haven for many a moon playing the course for the first time with a steady if unspectacular round that was the epitome of application to the job in hand.

For the third time in the week Trevor Schirmer and Peter Skinner were involved in a count-back with each other, with Peter winning out for the second time by a narrow 16 to 15 margin and taking second place, ensuring that Trevor’s take home was again reduced just when he was hoping to fill up the sack before returning home for three weeks vacation.

Lindsay Gailey also won a count-back over Carsten Becker for fourth place after they had both gone out in level handicap, with a better 15 to 14 result.

There were no 2’s in either division.

Prior to the prize presentations there was a welcome to new member Carsten Becker and welcome backs for Andreas Grunenberg and Lindsay Gailey together with farewells to Dick Heaney and Trevor Schirmer.  While home in Oz, Trevor, who will not be assisting his brother with the reaping on the farm this time, may well be helping out part time with the Samaritans Help Line starting on the 25th November, for which we understand Rodney Hayes has already keyed in the phone number on his speed dial.

Note: If you would like to play with The Haven group you can contact mobile 084 782 4582 or call in to the hotel at 185 Soi 13 between Beach Road and 2nd Road.  All transportation to the course is arranged and you do not need to sign up prior to the day, but you should be there by 8.30 on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays on the days you wish to play.  A schedule of courses to be played can be found on our web site at