Arnold ‘Boeing’ Jones takes off with fine win


Travellers Rest Golf Group

Having been there or thereabouts for the last few weeks, former Boeing pilot AJ finally soared to the summit with a run(a)way success last week and a turbulence free score of 36 points, leaving the rest of the field in his vapour trail at the very tricky Mountain Shadow.  Special mention must also go to Michael Prideaux who was victorious on 2 occasions winning at Emerald on Tuesday and Phoenix on Thursday.

It is great to see so many players turning out on a regular basis and a lot of this is down to the great organising from Fergus who once again put on a great week’s golf for 30+ players.  It is certainly not an easy task to get everyone to the tee on time and everyone organised and I am pretty sure that the reason that so many golfers enjoy playing with the Travellers Rest Golf Group is that it is so well run.

Monday, November 21, Treasure Hills – Stableford

1st Roger Brockstopp (9) 29pts

2nd Paul Stanton (14) 28pts

3rd Liam Horgan (14) 28pts

Tuesday, November 22, The Emerald – Stableford

Div 1

1st David Hutchinson (0) 37pts

2nd Nigel Bennet (12) 35pts

3rd Noel Pittard (06) 34pts

Div 2

1st Jim Cleaver (13) 39pts

2nd Jim McNeill (16) 38pts

3rd Jimmy Wolfe (17) 37pts

Thursday, November 24, Phoenix (Lakes & Ocean) – Stableford


1st Jack Lindstrom (14) 39pts

Div 1

1st Michael Prideaux (12) 37pts

2nd Larry Simpson (11) 37pts

3rd Mike Rushant (12) 35pts

Div 2

1st Steve Smith (21) 36pts

2nd Paul Stanton (14) 35pts

3rd Paul Alexander (15) 32pts

Saturday, November 26, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

Div 1

1st Mod Chaviraska (12) 32pts

2nd Noel Pittard (06) 32pts

3rd Mike Rushant (12) 31pts

Div 2

1st Arnold Jones (16) 36pts

2nd Jack McNamara (18) 33pts

3rd Joe Kowalczyk (16) 33pts

Note:  For more information visit the website or call 038 422 525.  You can find us on Moo10 Soi Dianne LK Metro where a warm welcome will be given to golfers and non golfers alike.

Arnold Jones. Arnold Jones.