Andre edges 3-way tiebreak


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Friday, Dec. 11, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

1st Andre Van Dyk (15) 37pts

2nd Daryl Evans (21) 37pts

3rd John Davis (13) 37pts

Near Pins: Colm Mullen, Landis Brooks, Tom Cotton, Don Carmody

Long Putts: Dick Warberg

Andre Van Dyk.

Not the favorite venue for some, but still a challenge and, with an 800 baht green fee coupon available, why not periodically give it a go.  So after breakfast and check in at BJ’s, a small but enthusiastic group headed up the 7.  Concurrently, 8 of the regulars headed for Amata Spring for marshaling duty at the Thailand Golf Championships.

Check in at Pleasant Valley was quick and we were gathered around the 1st tee ready to go a good 30 minutes before our scheduled tee time.  After a wait for a couple of groups that never showed we were finally off a few minutes early.

With carts allowed on fairways no ball in hand was allowed, but it seemed all players at sometime during the round were moving out of casual water.  The weather was fantastic, warm, but with a nice cloud cover and slight breeze.  Other than the over-watering problem, the course was in very playable condition throughout.

The pace of play was reasonable and soon the group was through the recently upgraded shower facilities, cards turned in and headed back to Pattaya for a bite of lunch and a thirst quencher while awaiting the results.  Only one flight today, but playing from the longer ‘blues’ would the players or the course come out on top?  With three turning in 37 pointers followed by a 36 and several 35’s, one has to say the players did quite well.

Congratulations to Andre Van Dyk who edged Daryl Evans, and John Davis under the tie-breaker rule for the top spot.