All Asian leaderboard at Bangpra


IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at Rabbi’s Elephant Bar

The Pattaya Golf Society travelled to Bangpra on Wednesday, 15th June, to play a stableford competition on the track which is in fine form with swift greens.  The group was small because of the weather and returns to home countries but nevertheless a meaningful competition was held and it produced the group ‘s first all-Asia leaderboard for many a long day.

Singapore’s Larry Ang played his best round with the group in a long while and finished third with 30 points whilst Japan’s Masaaki Sugaya took second place with 31 points.  The winner was local golfer Wichai Tananusorn whose 36 points saw a return to winning form on his final round before leaving for a well-earned break in the UK at the weekend.

There were no birdie ‘2’s on a course where putting is generally a tougher task than any other and the Booby Bevy went to Mr Len after failing to finish his mediocre round in the debilitating humidity.  Nevertheless it was a joy to be back at Bangpra after a long absence for the Elephant Bar’s golf “geezer”.

Welcome back boss

A hastily rearranged fixture at Pattana on Friday, 17th June, saw the Pattaya Golf Society enjoy a day at the course which was in excellent condition, in deference to an abandoned day at Green Valley, a result of their inflexibility over low season discounts.  Pattana on the other hand represented excellent value for money for the IPGC golfers.

Playing stableford from the yellow tees, the usual whites being out of action ready for a junior tournament, the golfers enjoyed fresh fairways and splendidly consistent greens.

Sharing third place on 33 points were Nile Sheehan, Tim Lazecki and Chris Smith, whose gross 76 was a feature of the day.  In second place was Japanese golfer Haruyuki Kato with 35 and the winner was Mr Len, his 39 points making up for all those dark golf-bereft days over the previous three months.

There were no birdie ‘2’s again and the Booby Bevy was held back for Dave Corrigan who marked his return after a three years break with the group with an unconvincing score.

Pattana will certainly be a feature of PGS golf over the next few months