The Alchemist has magic formula


The Backyard Golf Society

It was another slow, 4-1/2 hour, round at Emerald for the Backyard boys last Friday, Feb. 3.  With the travelling hordes arriving at the course before the staff and thus getting out first, we had to endure a packed course with players for whom walking from the tee to their buggy appeared to take 10 minutes each time.  Taking putts was an even more tiresome act to behold, each stroke being worth a fortune it seems.

The winner of the main competition was The Altrincham Alchemist (aka Spear-chucker), beating Uncle Fester 21 v 19 on the back-nine after both finished with 38 points.

The near-pin was won by Stitches Morgan, who now playing off the silver tees and using a putter has a very good chance to win each week.

Jimmy 2 Stones and Stitches each won 5 skins and there were doubles to The Biss, The Alchemist, The Quiet Man and Beaker Larsen (he also won the previous week’s single roll-over).

Khun Watthathwat has returned to the fold after a vacation Down Under and Second-hand Bob was once again engrossed with Boos clothing and less on his golf.  Uncle Fester regaled his playing partners with several versions of his “I lost a boat” story and has been told to shut up or face expulsion.