A rich man’s 4th of July


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday, June 30, Green Valley (white tees) – Monthly Medal

1st Gabriel Enright (24) net 68

2nd Andy Makara (23) net 70

3rd Mike Newbert (9) net 71

The pages on the calendar are flying by as we staged our final round of June in the form of our monthly medal.  We gave Green Valley the nod once again as it is by far the most popular course we play these days.

4th of July 2-man scramble winners Ken Price & Eddie Behr celebrate with the lads at The Golf Club.4th of July 2-man scramble winners Ken Price & Eddie Behr celebrate with the lads at The Golf Club.

It was a good showing for a low season event as we had 16 lads turn up on the day.  Many Aussies are out here at the moment as they are escaping the cool winter months down under for the tropical summer warmth of Pattaya.  One of those lads out from Sydney just happened to have the best round of his trip, and a 68 did the trick for Gabe Enright to capture the June medal.  Good on ya mate!

Andy Makara was on the podium again for second place and regular Mike Newbert, the Montauk Mauler himself, took the last box on stage to take sole third place off his 9 handicap.

Friday, July 4, Pattavia Century – 2-Man Scramble

1st Eddie Behr & Ken Price (11.2) 60.8

2nd John Hutt & David Ferris (19.5) 63.5

3rd Dan Willits & Steve Ellison (10.6) 64.4

Independence Day is a good excuse for a red, white and blue 2-man scramble, so after a morning of free Bloody Mary’s the blood-alcohol levels were at just the right mark to get us going to the first tee box.  If you haven’t played this format before, the team gets to choose 6 red, 6 white and 6 blue tees to play from and there is a great deal of strategy involved.  Handicaps for the 11 teams were set at the 37.5 % of the team total, as recommended by the PGA.

Monthly medal winner Gabriel Enright (center) with Phil & Mike.Monthly medal winner Gabriel Enright (center) with Phil & Mike.

First, the technicals: Near pins went to Peter Rogers, Mike Newbert and John Emmerson who bagged 2.  Ken Price took the long drive on the 9th, which may suggest the reason he and Eddie Behr won the event!  Eddie has the Rich Man, Poor Man in Jomtien and I would suggest you visit him on Soi 9 for some great American food.

The crowned greens at Pattavia were treacherous today but the condition of the course was very good and the few spots that were cored and sanded will be great in a few weeks, so Pattavia is on our recommended list.  The new clubhouse was terrific and food and drink was reasonably priced.

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro.  Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website www.golfclubpattaya .com and for more information mail us: pattaya4golf @gmail.com and see updates at www.facebook.com/golfclubpattaya… all handicaps welcome!