Tony Robbins on a roll in Pattaya golf


PSC Bunker Boys Golf

Monday, August 10th Parichat, Rainbow

1st Tony Robbins (23) 37 points

2nd Geoff Parker (18) 34 points

3rd Alan Sullivan (11) 33 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, Geoff Parker, Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett

On one of our last visits to Parichat, most of our group wore Santa hats as opposed to face masks as we did today. Who could have predicted what the intervening months would bring? At least we can get out and play golf as opposed to some less fortunate, such as Melbournians who are enjoying/enduring their second lockdown. Hopefully, we won’t have that misfortune visited upon us here, but who knows?

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Monday’s format was rainbow, which we usually play at this venue. The course was in fine condition but a stiff breeze made an already testing layout even more difficult.

Tony Robbins, winner at Parichat.

Why Tony Robbin’s handicap stays on twenty-three is a mystery to all. He topped the scoring today with thirty-seven points. Second went to Geoff Parker on thirty-four, whilst a stroke back Alan Sullivan took third. All the near pins were taken although some were not too close. Tony Robbins, Geoff Parker, Dave Ashman, and Michael Brett had one each.

Wednesday, August 12th Crystal Bay C & A

1st Tony Robbins (23) 45 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 44 points

3rd Les Cobban (8) 39 points

4th Michael Brett (17) 36 points

Near pins Geoff Cox, Tony Robbins, & Mashe Kaneta.

What a remarkable day of golf at Crystal Bay. Having won all before him recently (Player of the Tour at Khao Yai, Golfer of the Month in July, and thirty-seven points on Monday), Tony Robbins had an unbelievable day with forty-five points. His short game had to be seen to be believed. Surely the handicap person at the PSC must now wake up and implement a serious cut, otherwise, it calls into question the validity of the system.

Who would have expected to score forty-four points and not win? Well that’s what Jimmy had to wrestle with Wednesday, obviously a day for the big man when everything went well.

An equally impressive round from Les Cobban saw him take third place with thirty-nine points off an eight handicap. Even thirty-six in fourth place wasn’t too shabby.

Three near pins with one each to Geoff Cox, Tony Robbins, and Mashe Kaneta, with the remaining pin going to the delinquent fund.

Curiously the course, though in good condition, was not as green as any of the other courses we play, and was also hard underfoot. For some curious reason it hasn’t had the rain most other courses have had. The tee boxes were in very poor shape and need to be completely renovated, the greens were nice although a bit slow. It seems that just about all greens on all courses are slow since the resumption of golf.

Another of our group, the man from Wagga Wagga Stuart Brown is struggling with some protracted health issues lately. All at the Bunker Boys wish him a speedy recovery to robust good health and a return back onto the golf course. No doubt he will be a bit rusty on his return.

Everything is in place for our flying visit to Kabin Buri next week, a trip that also includes a long-overdue game at the beautiful Lotus Valley Course. Most of our members haven’t played this course for years, so expectations are high.

Les Cobban two time winner with 39 points.

Friday, August 14th Greenwood B & C

1st Les Cobban (8) 39 points

2nd Michael Brett (17) 38 points

3rd Tony Robbins (19) 34 points

Near pins Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett.

The last game of the week was played at Greenwood in good conditions for golf, cool pleasant temperature and no rain, although it did threaten a few times. The course was in excellent condition but the rough was wicked and anybody who strayed into it paid a heavy price. If one was lucky enough to find their ball in the deep thick grass, they had an almost impossible shot to get out.

Another challenge was the bunkers with fluffy sand, so anyone who went in there invariably had a fried egg to contend with. The greens were flawless. The course was virtually empty so we had a relaxed stress-free round.

Just to show Wednesday’s thirty-nine points was no fluke, Les Cobban repeated the effort Friday; very consistent quality golf. Second place went to Michael Brett on thirty-eight, a two-stroke improvement on Wednesday, whilst Tony Robbins following the heroics of Wednesday suffered a four-stroke cut in handicap for the day and finished in third place on thirty-four. Without the cut he would have tied for second place. Who knows what the PSC will do to his handicap this weekend.

Three near pins were taken by Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett.

Good news on the medical front, Steve Durey should now have completed all his procedures and on his way to full recovery. Also Stuart Brown got good news on Friday regarding his health issue and should be restored to full health shortly.


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