Practice paying off for Tony Browne

Mike and Lawrie in the kiosk as rain started.
Mike and Lawrie in the kiosk as rain started.

Pattaya Sports Club  Links Golf Society

Monday, June 15 Royal Lakeside Stableford

We travel a little bit of extra distance to get to this course, but when we stand at the magnificent clubhouse and look over part of the course and practice greens, and then step onto the first tee and survey the fairway ahead, you know you have quality.

The grass on the fairways here always allows for the ball to sit up and the greens, today, were just faultless. So, we would expect some good scoring, and that’s what we got.

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A big dark sky loomed overhead from the start, and when the first few groups reached the kiosk at the tenth tee, the heavens opened, complete with thunder and lightning. This caused a stop of about 30 minutes and then, although still a light drizzle, play carried on.

Some were affected by the now wet fairways but most ploughed on through and scored well.

Tony Brown has kept up his practice with the improved swing and again to day bettered his handicap with 39 points.

Steve Moxey showed why he is a nine handicap, but should be lower, by scoring an impressive 38 points.

Peter Lacey has been playing well and he also did well with 38 points.

Darren Beavers had a long lay-off but has lost nothing and scored 37 points along with Mike Firkin, on another good Firkin day.


As we moved around the course there was a large number of various types of machinery at work keeping the course right up to the high standard. We watched six of them just cutting and rolling the practice greens.

Once again, a nice day out for our 21 golfers and we were able to get the drink of our choice back at Links, at last.

Phil has always stated that competition golf will resume when we are able to have a beer at Links. Now we can SO competition will begin Wednesday (tomorrow) at Pattavia, including near pins.

The famous free food cannot re start for a week or so but, in the meantime, for those wanting to eat after golf, Joy will have meal of the day at a cost of 120 baht.

We will welcome back all Links golfers who are still in town.