Paul Durkan wins ‘Phil McClure Memorial’ Trophy

Winner Paul Durkan receives his trophy from Gary Bolger.

Pattaya Sports Club Links Golf Society

Wednesday, August 26
Burapha C+D

A group that had played the C+D combination at Burapha a day earlier gave us a not too flattering report on the condition of the course. However, it was true that the rough was very difficult, or near impossible to play out of successfully, but the fairways were found in good condition and the greens played well, although there were a couple that, for whatever reason, were much slower than others.

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The weather was pleasant and our first group, one of three three-balls, moved along quickly. By the 15th tee, they had caught up to a group of local players who had started their round about 2 hours ahead of us. All was well, no hold-ups.

Today was a special day for some players who were mates of fellow golfer, Phil McClure, who, sadly, passed away in the UK two years ago. His good mate, Gary Bolger, comes from Udon Thani each year with a donation, left by Phil, for the players to have a nice day of golf.

What else can we say about Paul Durkan’s golf game? It just keeps on keeping on.

On a course not in great condition, Paul has maintained a very long run of form and his 36 points was better than that number. He has won the day, and his name will now be added to the very smart looking ‘Phil McClure’ trophy.


Mike Jeffreys has very quietly been having some good scores lately without being in the placings. Today, a very solid 35 points had him right near the top.

Mike Tottenham had a few wins today, with a ‘near pin’ and a ‘long drive’ and then 34 points got him third spot, while Tony Browne won a three-way countback to take fourth place with 33 points.

We had plenty of scope for extra prizes so added a few ‘pins’ that we don’t normally do.


Winners at Burapha

1st Place – Paul Durkan (5) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Mike Jeffreys (19) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Mike Tottenham (22) – 34 pts

4th Place – Tony Browne (19) – 33 pts c/back

Near Pins: Bill Copeland (C5, D8), Mike Tottenham (C8), Huw Phillips (D2).

Near Pin 2nd Shot: Bob Strutt (C4)

Near Pin 3rd Shot: Paul Durkan (C7)

Long Drive ‘A’ flight (0-18): Steve Moxey (D9)

Long Drive ‘B’ flight (19+): Mike Tottenham (D4)

Best Front Nine (non winners) – Martin Patch – 17 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Wayne Peppernell – 18 pts

Seventeen players came out, a good number considering how very quiet it is in Pattaya, and at the golf courses.

As part of Phil’s generous donation, Gary asked Joy to make some food for the returning players. Those nice meatballs, chicken wings and salad went down well, and quickly.