Irish dad whose selfie video was a YouTube hit back in Vegas


Las Vegas (AP) – The clueless Irish dad whose accidental selfie video of his Las Vegas vacation was watched by millions is back in Sin City to get a do over. This time, it’s a two-way Go Pro camera and the full VIP treatment paid for by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The first video has more than 7 million views since Evan Griffin edited together clips of his father, Joseph Griffin, pointing out Las Vegas Strip landmarks while the camera was focused squarely on himself. Evan Griffin also added the Benny Hill theme song before posting it on YouTube on Nov. 13. The latest video posted by tourism officials shows the two-day father-son trip that started Thursday. The new clips include dad jokes, a Mirage hotel suite and VIP activities.

(Joe Griffin/Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority via AP)