Brendon Cope(s) best with Green Valley Pattaya


PSC golf from Billabong

Wednesday, March 18 Green Valley Stableford

Few people on the course Wednesday. If it weren’t for the regular visit of the Billabong members, the course would have appeared empty, which is a shame for the weather was superb. The sun occasionally peeped through the white, fluffy clouds and with an ever present breeze you could not have asked for more.

Overall, those playing were obviously inspired for the scores were very impressive. Wayne Cotterell needed 38 points to warrant a mention but his 3 double bogies after the turn only ensured 4th place, 1 point behind Sandy Chapo who also stumbled on the back nine with only 8 points on 6 of the holes.

Keith Allen was supercharged on the way out but could not keep up this momentum due to 4 holes which produced only 1 point for each and had him in 2nd place with a creditable 40 points. It was 3 points short of Brendon Cope who went against the trend of struggling on the back nine with 23 points on the way home and, having 13 points on the last four holes, was one giant step to a great 43 points.

The ladies, as usual, performed well with Miss May playing off her 10 handicap occupied 3rd place with 38 points, which included 7 pars and 2 birdies. Miss Nu with a very good 40 points, which included 9 pars and 6 of those on the back nine, was only good enough for 2nd place, for Miss Prae was in remote control today with 21 points on each half for 1st place.

Five 2s going to Miss May, Brendon, George Barry, Arch Armstrong and Pete Thomas.