Year 8 Regents students ‘reach out’ to the Hand to Hand Foundation


Five Regents International School Pattaya students are getting right behind a Global Classroom initiative which highlights the plight of disadvantaged children around the world.

The initiative is called ‘Make it right’ and is in partnership with Oxfam. It aims to challenge students around the world to work together to use their voice in defence of children everywhere.

Year 8 Regents students involved in the Make it Right initiative (from left to right) Camille, Alyssa, Jennifer, Nae Nhae and Billy.Year 8 Regents students involved in the Make it Right initiative (from left to right) Camille, Alyssa, Jennifer, Nae Nhae and Billy.

Students are asked to choose one issue in their area to research, create an impactful activity and raise awareness of the situation and encourage change. They must understand the issue and together decide on their campaign perspective and actions.

The Year 8 girls decided to partner with ‘Hand to Hand’, a foundation in Pattaya that does an amazing amount of charitable work for the poor and disadvantaged in our city.

Paying particular attention to the young members of ‘Hand to Hand’, Camille, Alyssa, Jennifer, Nae Nhae and Billy have already raised over 6000 baht from various donations and a mufti day organised by the students themselves.

This valuable contribution to such a worthwhile organisation will be spent on much needed supplies such as stationary and nappies, both of which are commodities that ‘Hand to Hand’ always find hard to come by.

Team leader Camille has become especially passionate about their cause. “These kids live on the streets and do not have the same chances that students do at Regents. We want to do as much as possible for them, so the more money we raise – the better.”

The ‘Make it Right’ global classroom campaign has gone a long way to helping these students of Regents International School Pattaya realise the plight of millions of young people around the world and they intend on continuing their involvement long after it’s over.

“We have all got so much enjoyment out of helping the kids that they are going to be a part of Regents’ International Day with us,” Camille said.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact Regents International School Pattaya on 093-1357736 or go directly through the Hand to Hand Foundation 089-0936067.