Summer School at ISC A great choice for your kids

Kids have fun while learning about nature at summer school.
Kids have fun while learning about nature at summer school.

The school bell may stop ringing, but Summer School at ISC is a great time to extend all kinds of learning opportunities for your children to enjoy!

We will be taking them on an adventure full of new and exciting activities, challenging explorations and discoveries all together with the help of our brilliant teachers.

Here at ISC, we create a different environment for children to participate in and fully enjoy the learning activities throughout three weeks of summer from July 2nd. It is an ideal place for your inquisitive child to explore and build something authentic out of their creative minds.

We go beyond the four walls of the classroom and provide an excellent opportunity to unplug and engage your children in enriching, creative types of play, interactive learning, field trips, visual arts, as well as plenty of cooling off and splashing in the swimming pool!

During the three awesome weeks of summer school, the children will have a blast while developing thinking and cooperation skills. Subsequently, the development of language, memory, emotions, social behavior and motor skills are consistently evolving among both early years and primary students, no matter their skill level.

I believe that summer school at ISC is a summer time with friends. It is a perfect venue for meeting and making new playmates and an empowering way to spend a deserved vacation. Summer School at ISC is a precious kind of experience that your children will never forget and will be added in their memory banks for all time.

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