St Andrews’ students take part in a feast of mathematics


Last term, Mr Lewis, Mr Sutherland and half of our Year 8 and 9 ‘mathemagicians’ invaded Garden School for a feast of mathematics. They joined students from GIS, with a handful from Regents, and competed in mixed teams throughout a fun and stimulating day.  Here are some great quotes from some of the students who took part:

“A good chance to socialise with other schools. It was competitive with lots of harder questions for us to figure out which made it very challenging.”

“An amazing experience – we had a very competitive day but during the challenges we also had lots of fun!”

“A fun day! We used our teamwork skills and had to work with people we did not know.”

Year 8 students who took part in the Maths Challenge.Year 8 students who took part in the Maths Challenge.

As usual, our students did us proud with their enthusiasm and willingness to mix. They were able to show off and enhance their skills, whilst gaining valuable experience in teamwork and leadership.

Roll on St Andrews Maths Week II in late February when we will challenge all students throughout the whole school…100%!

Year 9 ‘Mathemagicians’ compete for St Andrews.Year 9 ‘Mathemagicians’ compete for St Andrews.