St Andrews International students unstoppable


Once again students at St Andrews International School have shown themselves to be an unstoppable force when it comes to academic success, producing what can only be called spectacular results in the latest IGCSE examinations.

Thangwa achieved 11 A’s and A stars.
Thangwa achieved 11 A’s and A stars.

It would have been difficult to believe that a group of students could have improved upon last year’s results where our students achieved 87.1% A* – C grades. However, 12 months later our students have achieved grades of A*- C 91.4% of the time, with 40.6% of these grades being A* and A. These results far exceed the UK average of 67% A* – C.

Mr. Harrison, the Principal at St. Andrews, and Mr. McGee, the head of Secondary, are once again incredibly proud of all our students as are all of the staff at St Andrews. As Mr Harrison said, “St Andrews has a formula which is now tried, tested and has proven incredibly successful. This is to get students to achieve to their best as soon as they enter the school and to have a philosophy of ‘I can!’ The education of the students is a journey that begins from reception and continues through to primary and then secondary with all the teachers having a positive impact on students’ attainment and progress.”

At St Andrews, like previous years, there are a large group of talented and hardworking students who have achieved exceptional results that reflect the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place. It is not possible to note every student’s results here, but a couple worthy of mention are Thangwa Suksai­sakulsakdi with 11 A*/A, and Mild Trakarnsakdikul with 9A*/A.

In addition to these individual student performances, the following subjects achieved grades of A* – C 100% of the time: English first language, English Literature, Geography, Maths, ICT, French, Mandarin, Art, and Dutch.

St Andrews also has an expanding Early IGCSE Entries where many students sit IGCSE exams before the end of Year 11 as a part of our Accelerated Learning Programme.

This year students sat exams in: English, Mathematics and French. The results in these exams are exceptional with students achieving grades of A*- C 92% of the time. This year, Jennisa Scott achieved an A for first language English whilst in year 8 which is truly exceptional.

Students achieved A star - C grades 91.4% of the time.
Students achieved A star – C grades 91.4% of the time.