St Andrews International School Science Fair 2013


“Science is a way of thinking much more then it is a body of knowledge,” Plato “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” Einstein

Apparently great minds think alike.

On Thursday, February 7th the 2nd Eastern Seaboard Science Fair was held at St Andrews International School, Green Valley with students from 3 other schools (ISE, Garden International and Satit Udomseuksa) competing for a bunch of great prizes.

Students from all 4 schools amazed us with the variety of their investigations and proved that there is no limit to their scientific imagination if they are free to explore.

Sue from Pattaya Mail TV interviews Sreeharine Govindaraj, the winner of this year’s PFS International science fair award and the Best in Show (that’s 2 in a row for year 7).Sue from Pattaya Mail TV interviews Sreeharine Govindaraj, the winner of this year’s PFS International science fair award and the Best in Show (that’s 2 in a row for year 7).

Some of the ideas were extraordinary:

* Have you ever seen a face and thought it was more attractive to you than others? Now we know it’s all down to the symmetry of the face.

* Have you ever worried that all that hair colouring and bleaching would weaken your hair? You should, if Mai Tai’s results are any indication.

* How can we use all those empty 1.25 liter coke bottles? Make a light maybe!

* How can we keep our food for longer? Talk nicely to it, of course, according to the “Nice to Rice” exhibit.

The students were entertained during the day by competing in a ‘Science Olympiad’ that tested a range of skills in fun and exciting ways. The ‘Catch-a-catapult’ and ‘Parachute Air Cannon’ were particular favourites!

Harry enjoying the magic put on by Hanky Panky ToysHarry enjoying the magic put on by Hanky Panky Toys

There was of course a spectacular science show organised by the St Andrews Science Department (or the ‘Awesome Foursome’ as they have become to be known). Ed Thorp, Charlotte Harris and Kerry-Anne Randall, who with the help of IB Chemistry students wowed the guests with flashes of colour, plumes of smoke and more than a few explosive sounds.

The early evening saw the best exhibits displayed in St Andrews’ new canteen where parents and teacher were able to look in awe at the science produced by the next generation.

It is not possible to run an event like this without the generous support from the following companies who have invested in the young people from the area and sponsored prizes in the different categories.

Students trying to solve puzzles from Crown World Relocations.Students trying to solve puzzles from Crown World Relocations.

A great deal of thanks goes to: PFS International, Caterpillar, Crown World Relocations, Hanky Panky Toys and PTT chemical for sponsoring different categories. Kaokong petroleum for once again sponsoring the best in show. Rayong Marriot Resort and Spa for awarding accommodation packages to lucky parents in a draw and finally COGNITA for supplying a great lunch and refreshments to visitors to the event. Pattaya Mail TV once again gave us great support with their team covering the event again.

Next year will be a bigger event with a school from China already displaying an interest in attending and schools from Bangkok coming to try their best to take away awards.

St Andrews would like to thank those schools that did participate and look forward to the competition next year.

List of winners

Highly commended: Anvita Chebroly, Vidooshi Singh, Harhita Chowdary, Anushka Onkar, Natasha Sethi, Eng Vorrasanpisut, Iva Nalinrat Wattanasatsaton, Karen Tam, Sydney Naro, Jen Ko, Katya Lobanova, Dong-gun Oh, Henry Barker-Bennett, Ty Kerr, and Kenny Sorralump (Barker).

Major awards

Year 7 PFS International science award for excellence:

1st Sreeharine Govindaraj (St Andrews)

2nd Jiwon Hwang (St Andrews)

3rd Neel Overacker, Aditya Bag, Bee Limpotong (ISE)

Year 8 Caterpillar science awards for excellence:

1st Mild Trakarnsakdikul (St Andrews)

2nd Justin Potisit, TJ Kim, Roberto Cardano (ISE)

3rd Jordan Hickox, Bella Hickox, Kamola Khaitova (St Andrews)

Year 9 Crown World relocations:

1st MaiTai de Rijk (St Andrews)

2nd Arjit Verma (Garden)

3rd Liza Burdz (St Andrews)

Year 10 Hanky Panky Toys science awards for excellence:

1st Edward Varnes (St Andrews)

2nd Choé May, Élizabeth Cordeau (ISE)

3rd Ji Ji Sonkom, Reshmi Rajesh, Da Jeong Jung (ISE)

IB PTT global chemical public company science awards for excellence:

1st Becky Lanyon, Sean Hamilton (St Andrews)

2nd Miji Lee, Minhuyk Lee (St Andrews)

3rd David McHardy, Tee Nantiyukul, Chey Tangtannapaiboon (St Andrews)

Kaokong Petroleum Best in Fair:

Sreeharine Govindaraj (St Andrews)

Preparing elephants’ toothpaste. Now we just need the elephant!Preparing elephants’ toothpaste. Now we just need the elephant!