Satit Udomseuksa Students win Silver and Bronze at International Mathematics Challenge VIII

Satit Udomseuksa Students won Silver and Bronze in the first round of the International Mathematics Challenge VIII held at Pan Asia International School March 9.

On 9 March 2019 the International Mathematics Challenge VIII First Round was held in Pan Asia International School, Bangkok. 20 different countries participated, including s Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Africa, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Lao, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Thailand and others making up 250 teams and 800 students. The 3 categories were Primary 4 – 5 Category 1, Primary 6 – Secondary 1 Category 2, and Secondary 2 – 3 Category 3.

Satit Udomseuksa School participated for the first time with 3 teams (1 team per category) made up of students from Primary 4 through Secondary 3, having a total of 9 students. These students earned Silver and Bronze for the school.

The award ceremony was held at Suryadhep Music Sala, Rangsit University, in Bangkok, March 11.