Satit Udomseuksa students win sectionals

Master Justin Kitdipat & Miss Bunika Mahasab.
Master Justin Kitdipat & Miss Bunika Mahasab.

Congratulations to both Master Justin Kitdipat and Miss Bunika Mahasab, students at Satit Udomseuksa School. At this year’s ‘68th Student Handicraft Fair 2018’ event both students showed their eloquence, passion and determination to win in their sections.

Master Justin won for the ‘foreign language’ section in the multi skills competition, levels Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 for the Secondary Educational Service Area 18.

Miss Bunika won for the ‘English-speaking foreign language’ section in the impromptu speech competition Primary 1 to Primary 3 for the Primary educational service area 18.

They both have now won places in the final to represent this province’s area. The finalists should be very proud of themselves. The school would like to thank Mr. Andrew and Teacher Sweet for their hard work to help the students prep for these important competitions.