Regents’ students set their sights on future exam success


Thirty-two senior students from Regents International School Pattaya have spent the last week sitting ‘mock’ examinations in preparation for their international Baccalaureate finals in May. The practice exams are one important way in which the students are gearing-up to perform to the best of their ability later in the year.

The mocks were sat under formal examination conditions over the course of eight days and were designed to test far more than just the students’ knowledge but also their advanced thinking skills. Questions on the papers asked the students to think deeply on a wide range of issues, from how poets make use of detail to present a realistic or unrealistic representation of the world, to the impact of nuclear and Coulomb force on a particle!

Regents’ students focus on their International Baccalaureate.Regents’ students focus on their International Baccalaureate.

The real examinations in four months’ time hold the key to these students’ academic futures, as most of them are aiming to secure places at universities around the world. Two Regents’ students were invited to interview at Cambridge University just before Christmas and are waiting to find out if they will be offered places, alongside their fellow students who have applied to study a wide range of degrees, including Economics at University College London, International Relations at the University of British Columbia and Psychology at Royal Holloway.

Head of Sixth Form, Simon Miller commented: “There are now nearly 100 students studying in our Sixth Form. A critical mass like that brings our students so many advantages – the school can justify offering them a very wide range of subject options, lively academic debate in the classroom is virtually guaranteed, and these young people have so many friends they can turn to during the tough times, like mock exams.”