Regent’s School Pattaya adds another string to its bow


The Music Department at The Regent’s School Pattaya likes a challenge and with the popularity of instrumental music at an all-time high there will only just be enough room on the stage of the school’s Globe Theatre to fit every member of the orchestra!

The popularity of the orchestra, which now has 48 members, stems in part from the fact that some of the school’s primary age musicians have been invited to make the step up to the full orchestra as part of the school’s commitment to stretching students to be the best that they can be. The orchestra’s first full performance will be the Christmas Concert on Tuesday 10th December.

Robert Duff, Head of Music commented, “Coordinating a variety of instruments and a wide range of abilities is a real challenge but these young primary students have not only surpassed my expectations but have added something really special to an already impressive ensemble! It’s great to see such a ‘can do’ attitude from such young pupils.”

Lucy Lewis, the school’s Primary Music Department Coordinator explained the surge in popularity of music amongst the school’s younger students: “We encourage all our students to embrace music at every level. Here, we do not see learning an instrument as just for the gifted child, but for everyone and anyone who wishes to. Our focus and goal is achievement through enjoyment. Over 130 instrumental lessons are happening weekly in the primary school and in the last few months we’ve brought in new instrumental and vocal tutors and I’m proud to see the pupils making the most of the opportunities presented to them.”