PSC and Ray Dell combine forces at Banglamung Boys Home


It was Noel Coward, some of you will remember him, that wrote ‘mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ for that is exactly what Ray Dell, a regular supporter of the centre, Nigel Cannon and myself did recently. It was close to 38 degrees and the humidity was in the 90s, the sort of weather that will soak a man to the skin, and we were watching boys from the Banglamung Boys Home have a great time on a bouncy castle and, seemingly, oblivious to the heat. Being much older and wiser, we escaped to a cooler area but even the children had to rest and to receive some refreshments before attacking the castle once again.

This was not the reason that we were there but to meet the new superintendant who wanted to develop an education room based on education videos, computers and a library. Pattaya Sports Club joined forces with Ray to buy the necessary equipment like tables, chairs, storage cupboards and a big screen. At the moment the computers are being used for more leisurely pursuits until the room is up and running.

It is hot work on a Bouncy Castle.It is hot work on a Bouncy Castle.

There are many children in Thailand born into poor, broken homes who, very simply, do not have the income to cope. Many parents have died and the children move in with a relative and their family, putting more financial pressure on everyone.

Banglamung Boys Home was established in 1956 to accept boys between the ages of 7 and 18 who were in need of care and protection. Orphaned, abused, abandoned or do not have families that can take care of them, the home’s aim is to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care and treatment when necessary. The children attend local schools but additional education is provided, hence the reason for the education room, to help prepare them for employment or to arrange for alternative placement after discharge. They now have a family, friends and a future,

If you feel you can help in any way, please give me a ring on 0861522754.

I needed this.I needed this.

They also have to be very strong.They also have to be very strong.

The computers are being run in.The computers are being run in.

Even young boys need a rest.Even young boys need a rest.