Pattaya Sports Club brings colour to Camillian


Members of Pattaya Sports Club who have played golf at the Emeralds G C in Bang Chang are unaware that the Camillian Social Centre is a kilometre or so further along the road, a centre that PSC have supported for many years and well worth a visit. The Camillian opened its doors in 1995 and is a centre, the only one between here and Bangkok, for children that were born with HIV.

There are approximately 70 children living at Camillian and, as you can imagine, the cost of medication is very high but, fortunately, the Thai government meets the costs of the various multi-coloured tablets that have to be administered on a daily basis. With this medication, a near normal, happy life can be achieved, not only for these children but many living with HIV.

Some of the children with Fr. Tao.Some of the children with Fr. Tao.

Along with the regular treatment of tablets, those at the Camillian’s priority is to ensure that the children have 3 tasty, nutritious meals each day; lunch on weekdays of course, is served at school. But the Camillian, in common with every charity in Thailand and beyond its borders, have ongoing concerns about the everyday expenses that have to be found. Food is the main item but bedding, clothes, pampers, staff and not let us forget the utility bills of electric and water. They are fortunate that they have many supporters here in Thailand and countries abroad, but this is still insufficient to meet their needs.

Jimmy with his inventions.Jimmy with his inventions.

On this occasion, Pattaya Sports Club provided somewhere in the region of 1300 metres of brightly coloured cotton material to enable them to make sheets and pillow cases; plus bags of rice and some necessary items to enable them to cook some tasty meals. While we were there it was pointed out to us that there had been some cases of diarrhoea and the main suspect was the outdated water filtration system. A problem that was easily remedied and new filters were provided by PSC.

New water filters now installed.New water filters now installed.

They always welcome visitors and while we were there a group of Thais celebrated one of there group’s birthday by providing food for the children’s lunch.

There is a happy, family feel about the Camillian and this comes from the attention and care of the staff, some of which, return to the centre when they have left school and qualify as nurses. One staff member, Jimmy with boundless energy, has designed a special walking frame for disabled people which has been adopted by a company in Bangkok and is now being manufactured on a larger scale for the benefit of the disabled.

If you feel that you would like to make a contribution to the Camillian, regardless of how small, please contact William at PSC on 0861522754.

 PSC delivered rolls of cotton and bags of rice. PSC delivered rolls of cotton and bags of rice.

Liab with the lovely Gal.Liab with the lovely Gal.

Camillian pond and garden.Camillian pond and garden.