On behalf of all of us and the needy children, we thank you!


As of this writing, our target charity, the Good Shepherd Foundation, who oversees the Fountain of Life Center for Children, has taken in 2,033,320 baht into their account, which are donations from our sponsors. Separately, we, on our own, have taken in 3,628,410 baht in sponsorship to support the rest of our projects. This figure also includes the proceeds from our events, which, by the way, the Fair made 316,388 baht and the Gala 567,827 baht this year.

Together with the GSF and us, we have collected thus far a gross figure of 5,661,730 baht. This is a superb result and we thank all of you wholeheartedly!

Fair children perform on stage at the annual Children’s Fair. (photo courtesy Paul Shortino)

As of October 9th, our projects have received the following amounts so far:

Good Shepherd Foundation in Naklua (Registered charity Tor 460/2543): Provide children with documentation, life orientation, health care, and ultimately, scholarships for schools: 2,033,320 baht.

Camillian Home in Lat Krabang: With the Canadian Jackalope Open, provide 24/7 care for 3 disabled children, 2 living with HIV: 700,000 baht.

Ban Jing Jai Foundation in Nong Plalai: Provide stipend towards monthly food costs for 75 orphans: 460,000 baht.

Hand To Hand Foundation in Pattaya: Day care for slum children: 250,000 baht.

Share Love With Friends in Nong Prue: Provide monthly rice to poor families with disabled children, as well as wheelchairs, walking aids and general help: 203,000 baht.

Khao Baisri Special Education for the Disabled in Sattahip: Provide monthly basic necessities, including training for the autistic: 141,000 baht.

Anti-Trafficking and Child Abuse Center (ATCC) in Nong Prue: Provide scholarships for four resident children: 44,000 baht.

Ban Chang Hospital Outreach Program: With PILC provide assistance to poor children cases, as well as buy school uniforms and supplies: 41,500 baht.

YWCA in Pattaya Including eye glasses for school students; 41,500 baht.

Take Care For Kids Foundation in Pattaya: Emergency assistance for burn child: 20,000 baht.

Kids Event Shirts Donated:  63,600 baht.

Billabong Charity Golf Tournament: 7000 baht.

Kids Fair Coupons: 3000 baht.

Total distribution to our projects so far: 4,007,920 baht.


* Our credits: 3,628,410 baht.

* Our Debits: 2,813,605 baht.

* Our bank balance: 814,805 baht.

* GSF credits: 2,033,320 baht is our donation to them and thus is a debit for us.

Otherwise, it’s always cathartic to get through September’s annual events and the peak of our campaign. We are able to breathe a collective sigh, relax a bit and reflect. But then, since there are still tasks lingering, we soon need to get right back into it. Things like collecting outstanding funds, keeping the books current, dispersing funds to projects and, keeping you current with all of our goings on, need to be tended to.

Besides, even though our intensive phase is past, we still need to keep fundraising year round as well. After all, we have commitments to 3 of our projects totaling 58,000 baht every month. Between next month, November, and March 31, 2016 when our fiscal year ends, these projects will get an additional total of 290,000 baht.

It has been another successful year for raising funds for the needy children and we would like to thank all of you who sponsored and made it happen again.

If you would like more information about the charity drive, please go to www.care4kids.info and www.facebook.com/jesterscare.kids.