Learning is a journey at St. Andrews International School


Learning journeys are a series of learning experiences which has the overall objective of achieving a series of defined learning outcomes. At St. Andrews we use learning journeys usually at the culmination of a unit of inquiry, to demonstrate not only what has been learnt but also how it has been learnt. Just before the half term break, four classes were involved in learning journeys.

Parents were invited to the learning areas in Reception, Year 1, Year 5 and Year 6 to share and celebrate their children’s processes and products of learning.  The inquiry cycle is used to demonstrate how the children tuned in, found out, sorted out and applied their new learning and knowledge.

Melbourne shares learning about materials from her inquiry folder.Melbourne shares learning about materials from her inquiry folder.

Children in Reception explained how simple machines such as wheels and levers, made our lives easier to get work done.  Using a wheelbarrow to carry a load of bricks is certainly easier than carrying them by hand!

Year 1 children demonstrated their knowledge about the properties of materials and how we use this knowledge to build and create structures.  Books, photos, 3D models and inquiry folders were used to document the learning.

Balon explains how we can design simple machines.Balon explains how we can design simple machines.

Year 5 students embarked on an inquiry into the performing arts and showcased their learning journey through their online blogs.  The product of their learning was expressed through the children’s performance as they conveyed their own personal message through their interpretation and renditions of poetry, storytelling, mime, songs, circus performance, drama and dance.

Year 6 communicated their learning of the scientific process by setting up their own experiments relating to gravity, friction and air resistance.  Hypothesis, materials, method, results and conclusions were all shown using digital video footage, information posters, photos and written learning logs.  Thanks to the teachers and congratulations to the students on their excellent presentation and communication skills.

The scientific process is demonstrated using digital media and information posters.The scientific process is demonstrated using digital media and information posters.

Our programme of inquiry at St. Andrews provides opportunity for children to be involved in a learning journey, at least once every year in the Primary School.  This allows each child to build on their research, self-management, thinking, communication and social skills; essential skills for learning.