Jesters Fair’s new venue is now official at The Regent’s School Pattaya


“The Jester’s Fair has always been an important event for the Regents School community.  I have attended eight fairs myself and I really enjoy the events.  I have particularly valued the opportunities for Regents students to get involved in setting up activities that raise money for the worthy causes.

“We at The Regents School Pattaya are delighted that this year we are being given the opportunity to host the Jester’s Fair. We really look forward to welcoming all the individuals and organisations from the local community who make this such a special day.”

Mike Walton


On behalf of the Jesters Care for Kids 2013 committee, we are pleased to announce that The Regent’s School, Pattaya will be our new venue for this year’s Fair. Yes, we had a good run with Diana from 2002 to 2012, but it was time for a change; time to freshen it up; time to get out of the city away from the congestion; and out to the country and the wide open spaces.

Regents Fair venue looking east.Regents Fair venue looking east.

Though most people laud our decision, some are concerned about the distance from the city; but believe us, it’s better than one might think. Typically, it’s only a 15-minute drive during commuter hours from South Pattaya to Regent’s on Highway 36, via Sukhumvit and the new Highway 7 link.

Still, for those who think it still might be a daunting task, we are considering to provide a shuttle bus around Central Pattaya, possibly near Father Ray’s Foundation on Sukhumvit. As for the Dark Side denizens, this new location will be a piece of cake and shouldn’t require using Sukhumvit at all.

Regents Fair venue looking east from above during the school’s International Day in late March of this year.Regents Fair venue looking east from above during the school’s International Day in late March of this year.

The Regent’s has been gracious in offering us the entire premises, as well as their full cooperation. However, we plan to focus primarily on the grassy oval, which is nearly 400 meters around, and central to the school grounds.

Additionally, the students and staff of the school have been loyal supporters for our fair, and the charity drive as a whole, as well as being familiar with many of our needy kids’ projects. The students will also serve as helpers on the day and provide entertainment too.

Parking, which is a concern for many, should be much better than before. Besides, the designated lots, there also will be parking available all around the perimeter of the school. Still another worry is the weather, albeit rain or too much sun, but then there is plenty of fixed cover already in place and we plan to augment that by putting a canopy over the stage.

The fixed cover, where event goers will be able to have full view of the stage.The fixed cover, where event goers will be able to have full view of the stage.

The stallholders should also be happier this year too, especially the food vendors. Not only will they be paying the same fee of 1500 baht, like the rest, but no one will have an unfair advantage this time around: the playing field will be level for all.

Bill, our fair site coordinator, is already busy soliciting stallholders this year, especially since we are not sure how many stalls we will be able to accommodate at this juncture. As in previous years, in order to avoid disappointment, we ask you to book through our website at your earliest convenience. Already bookings are coming in quickly.

Besides renting stalls you can also help us by providing assistance on the day and donating canned beer. The sales at the beer tent have been instrumental in defraying fair set-up costs on the day.

Please remember that our fair is not only for families in the community but also for our project kids, who will be joining us for a day of fun.

For more info about our events and projects, please visit us at www.care4kids .info and/or www.facebook .com/jesterscare.forkids

Main Events:
Children’s Fair: Sunday, September 8th, at The Regent’s School Pattaya Gala Party Night: Saturday, September 21st, at Amari Orchid Pattaya