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Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive 2013

The Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre was established in Pattaya in order to deal with problems of human trafficking and child sexual abuse. The main target groups are street kids and children at risk.  Supagon Noja, the director, has many years of experience in this field and established their current home less than a year ago.

The centre’s main objectives are assisting these children in obtaining education and life skills that will enable them to return to their families and society. It is important that these children are cared for in a safe environment during this period.

Khun Ja with the 5 girls who will reside there, in front of the house Jesters provided.Khun Ja with the 5 girls who will reside there, in front of the house Jesters provided.

Jesters Care for Kids recently installed a water filtration system at the premises and while there we were told by Khun Ja that there were several young girls that he was unable to help owing to lack of accommodation. At a subsequent committee meeting, we agreed to fund the construction of a bungalow that would accommodate 5 children.

As usual the construction was carried out by the older boys at the Centre under the guidance of Khun Ja. This system works to keep the cost down and has the added benefit of teaching the boys some valuable skills. Jesters applaud the contribution made by this organization in confronting what is a serious problem in our community and are happy to be of help in some small way.

For more info, please visit, www.care4kids .info and www.facebook .com/