Jesters Care For Kids 2013: Child Sponsor Update


The following is an update on Fahsai, an abandoned 3-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, who was rescued by K. Pai at Hand to Hand Foundation here in Pattaya before we found a place for her at the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang. Fahsai has been there for one year now and here is the latest update from K. Lalita in charge of communication and development at their facility for disabled kids:

Along with all of the normal stimulation children need to grow up healthy, we have designed a physical therapy routine especially for Fahsai. Our goal: seeing her walk on her own.  We will not give up on her and seeing her steadily improve in the time she has been here gives us hope that this goal will be reached.

Eating by herself.Eating by herself.

Shortly after her arrival here she began using her arms to scoot across the floor.  She has recently received Botox injections in her hips and legs in order to help relax the muscles in this region, thus combined with daily physical therapy has strengthened her leg muscles and given Fahsai a greater range of motion in her lower extremities.  As a result she has learned how to pull herself up and crawl on her hands and knees.  This is great news as it is a natural progression for children learning how to walk.  She is currently able to stand with assistance and even take a few steps.

Fahsai is now able to feed herself, and at mealtime will frequently verbalize her likes and dislikes.  It should be noted that her progress is much more than physical.  She is able initiate conversation, understand the conversations around her, and give appropriate responses when asked questions.  She even understands many commonly used English words.  Her speech has become clearer and she is easily understandable to those around.  She is able to express her feelings, her desires, and even speaks up when she needs a diaper change.

If you too would like to help special children, like Fahsai, please go to www.camillian and/or and/or

Crawling faster.Crawling faster.