ISC celebrates All Hallow’s Eve


ISC was transformed into a wonderland of colourful characters last week as the children celebrated Halloween with their parents.  They made their way through a variety of child friendly & ‘ghoulish’ activities. The highlight was trick or treating around the school.  Some bags just couldn’t fit all the lollies!

The EY3/Y1 class decided that it would be a kind idea to share their lollies with children at Hand to Hand and the Fountain of Life. So, on Tuesday the children happily delivered them to their Thai friends.

Rebecca and Enzo running the bake sale.Rebecca and Enzo running the bake sale.

Halloween wasn’t just for having fun.  The ISC community very generously supported a clothing drive and bake sale, the proceeds of which will be given to children and their families affected by the flooding in Bangkok. The kindergarten children did a great job running the bake sale.  It was hard for parents not to buy from such cute staff.

Waiting for the parade.Waiting for the parade.

Anastasia asks for a treat.Anastasia asks for a treat.