Installing water filtration systems in schools


Pattaya Sports Club Charity Update

A clean bill of health is the right of everyone on the planet and that is the reason Pattaya Sports Club members are happy to install water filtration systems in schools.  5 years ago the PSC made a donation to Mabprachan School to install a filter system to provide clean drinking water. This has proved very popular with the children.

Discipline, in its gentlest form, is very important, particularly for children for it instills a routine at an early age. Most schools endeavour to impress upon their students the importance of cleaning their teeth and washing their hands after every meal, but that only applies to lunch in the schools, before continuing their lessons.


But, as you can see from the photographs, facilities for washing hands and teeth were somewhat limited. But it is not difficult to make changes as you can be see for it reveals the situation as it is now. With the help of Ray at Mulligan’s who knew some local builders, and funds from Pattaya Sports Club, the old taps were removed and a new enlarged facility was built.

With 12 taps now available, there are no excuses for the children not to clean their teeth and hands after lunch.

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