Hand to Hand Foundation finds new home


Pattaya’s Hand to Hand Foundation will relocate to a small street located among three slum villages that can benefit most from the group’s charity work.

Foundation directors selected a site on Soi Kophai 10, which connects South and Thepprasit roads. Its location is set among slums on Soi Kophai 1, Thepprasit Soi 5 and Thepprasit Soi 7.

The children and Hand to Hand faculty members are extremely excited to move into their new home.The children and Hand to Hand faculty members are extremely excited to move into their new home.

The foundation’s new building offers 336 sq. meters of space and almost one rai of land. A large living room is located downstairs, allowing the youngest of the children to learn and play in an open environment.

Upstairs, a large classroom for the older children will be set up so that students can learn in a more-formal classroom environment. On the second floor, there also will be an office.

In addition, there will be a playground area outside for students to enjoy at various times of the day.

Moving out of the current location on Sukhumvit Road will be a beneficial change for the children, officials said. Kids will be able to experience a more-luxurious place to study and play in. The children will no longer have to run barefoot on the road, breath extensive amounts of pollution, and for the first time can enjoy air conditioning.

They will be able to have more learning-filled, enjoyable experiences in the new and clean environment. The increased amount of space will allow them to play much more freely, and have the opportunity to spend a day in a comfortable, indoor area which differs much from their destitute homes.

The main purpose of the building will be to provide a place for the free pre-school program weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. With its location in the middle of three major slum areas, children can quickly and safely get to the center. The new building will also be the new center of the Hand to Hand Foundation, out of which various projects like the prison, slum, and hospital visits will be made.