GIS celebrates International Day with food, costumes, performances


Garden International School (GIS) celebrated this year’s International Day with food, costumes and performances from around the globe.

GIS held its International Day on March 12 to celebrate the 40 different nationalities who are represented there. The day began with HM the King’s anthem and was followed by a series of cultural performances. These included dances from Mexico, Russian ballet and a Chinese fan dance.

Mathematics’ teacher Mr Turagaiviu and his family, who are from Fiji, enjoyed International Day.

After the show the oldest student from each country took part in a flag parade, led by a rousing samba band. The national anthems from each country were then played.

Following this, the Friends of Garden PTA put on an amazing spread of international food which came from Russia, USA, Philippines, Korea and many other countries. Visitors were able to eat in the school’s newly-opened canteen extension. Many thanks to Mr Martin and his maintenance team for their help and the Arts Department for arranging the performances.

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One of GIS’s New Zealand students donned traditional tattoos for the day!

Thai students from GIS looked great in their formal suits and dresses.

The German students from school celebrated International Day by flying their flag and singing their national anthem.

The school was packed as always for the popular International Day.

IB students looked colourful as they wore traditional dresses from their home countries.

Students from Uzbekistan, left, and Russia, right, dressed in their costumes from their native countries to mark International Day.

Younger students enjoyed watching the International Day show.

Students wore specially-made hats to celebrate their home countries.

Russian ballet was one of the highlights of the show.