Generous GIS praised for Nepal help


Garden International School (GIS) has been praised after its students and parents raised nearly 250,000 baht to help victims of the recent earthquake in Nepal.

An incredible 248,168 baht was collected by GIS as part of its Help Nepal fundraising campaign this term. There were mufti days, hot-dog and popcorn sales, a movie afternoon in Primary and a slave auction in Secondary. There was also a jumble sale at a Friends of Garden family picnic and a donation box which received many anonymous donations.

GIS Prefects helped prepare the hot dogs.GIS Prefects helped prepare the hot dogs.

Dr John Moore, Principal of The British School, Kathmandu said, “This is a fantastic effort and will really make a difference. We will make sure it does do some genuine long-term good. It sounds like everyone was really supportive and it is going to be really appreciated by the communities we will liaise with.”

As well as its academic excellence, the school is also noted for its community spirit, and this fundraising effort is another example of this.

Generous GIS students helped raise nearly 250,000 baht for Nepal!Generous GIS students helped raise nearly 250,000 baht for Nepal!

The money will go directly to The British School, Kathmandu’s community service projects, supporting rebuilding projects of the Dhading schools, Bungamati DSA School (hearing and sight impaired children) and the Disabled New Life Centre. All of these projects will benefit children, are related to education and will give long-term benefit to the children and people of Nepal. Students from the Nepalese School recently visited GIS as part of the FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) Games.

GIS, the only school in the region to be fully accredited by the Council of International Schools, is based in Ban Chang, near Pattaya.