Fahsai: An abandoned, disabled child and the new-found joys of mobility


We were first introduced to Fahsai in February 2012 by the Hand to Hand Foundation at their day-care center when it was in Duck Square. At that time, we also met Pai, the director of the Foundation, and the actual heroine who snatched Fahsai from the clutches of fleeing drug dealers. Oh, by the way, they were her parents.

At that time Fahsai was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and had no use of her legs, limited use of her hands and was virtually voiceless. Moreover, while she was with her neglecting parents, they would leave her lying on the floor day in, day out, that her neck muscles never had a chance to develop. We provided her with a wheelchair so she could learn to sit up and to lift her head so she could be spoon-fed semi-solid food.

Nevertheless, Pai realized she could not care for her properly and knew that Fahsai needed professional treatment and 24/7 care. This is when we were approached about finding an appropriate place for her. In March 2012, we brought her to the Camillian Home in Lat Krabang, and they welcomed her with open loving arms. After all, this home was a residence and day visitor center for children living with HIV and disabilities. However, the operative word at this facility was ‘disabled’, which was the area of expertise for the resident therapists.

Fahsai practices standing with the help of her friend.Fahsai practices standing with the help of her friend.

That was over 3 years ago and Fahsai has had a new lease on life. She has come a long way, in terms of becoming cognizant, developing a vibrant personality and communicating. Furthermore, from the start the quest was to get her mobile and towards that end, she undergoes regular physical therapy.

She also has undergone special treatments, such as, low-dose Botox injections to temporarily relax her muscles that have a tendency to tighten. More recently, she had surgery to shorten the tendons in the lower legs so that she is able to put her feet flat on the ground. This also involved casts and splints so that her legs and ankles would be aligned in the proper position for standing and walking.

Fahsai walks with a therapist.Fahsai walks with a therapist.

Fahsai is now able to lift her legs, and can crawl like crazy using her knees and arms to support herself and get up without any help. It is expected that, with continued therapy and practice, she will soon be able to walk without any hindrance.

Fahsai’s therapist sums up her current state of mind like this: “Despite her conditions, Fahsai is always spreading happiness at the home through her caring gestures towards others. While she always makes sure everyone is looked after and taken care of in the multiple disabilities room, she also enjoys going around the home to meet the staff and older children and engage in fun conversations with them. She loves to socialize and makes the best of each moment.”

If you would like more information about Fahsai and other needy children like her, please go to www.care4kids.info, www.facebook.com/jesterscare.kids and/or https: //twitter.com/JestersCare4Kid.