Fahsai: A disabled child once abandoned finds a new lease on life


Jesters Care For Kids 2014, Sponsored by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

You might remember our little Fahsai, the neglected disabled girl, whose life started wretchedly on a well-trod floor of a drug dealers’ house from users coming around at all hours to make their scores, taking no notice of the infant under foot. She was the child utterly helpless, who was completely abandoned when the heat came down on the occupants and they fled the scene leaving her alone.

Fortunately, Pai from the Hand to Hand Foundation, who had been monitoring the situation, went in and rescued her from an uncertain fate.

After all, Fahsai had cerebral palsy, and whether it was congenital or from being dropped on her head, it’s a moot point. She was in dire need of help.

Fahsai 3 years later at her 6th birthday party recently.Fahsai 3 years later at her 6th birthday party recently.

Pai tried her best to give Fahsai the 24/7 care she needed as long as she could, but it became burdensome, especially as a single parent and director of a day care center. Besides, she realized that Fahsai needed professional help.

When we first saw Fahsai, she was meek and virtually voiceless, except for when she was crying. From all that time spent lying on the floor, her neck muscles were still not fully developed to keep her head upright all the time. But with proper nutrition, better posture and care, she became stronger. She was happier too, which was evident by that magic smile; a smile that melted hearts.

We took an interest in Fahsai’s welfare too and bought her a wheelchair. It was at this time that Pai asked us about finding her a proper home. The Camillians were already projects of ours both in Rayong, where they cared for children living with HIV, and in Lat Krabang, where they cared for children with disabilities. It was at the latter facility that we approached, and after gathering all the necessary paperwork, they were only too happy to admit her.

Fahsai 3 years ago at the Hand to Hand Foundation.Fahsai 3 years ago at the Hand to Hand Foundation.

That was over 3 years ago, and for Fahsai she has come a long way, especially in terms of becoming cognizant, developing a vibrant personality and learning to communicate. It is absolutely delightful to hear her speak now and to engage her in conversation in both Thai and English. She evens sings and is clearly at home with the 23 resident children and attentive staff.

As far as her physical status, the next quest is to walk. Fahsai undergoes regular physical therapy coupled with low-dose botox injections to temporarily relax her muscles. Children with palsy suffer from ever tightening muscles to the extent that they are unable to put their feet flat on the ground. Casts and splints are sometimes used to correct this condition so that their legs and ankles get in the proper position for standing and walking.

Recently, we went up to Lat Krabang bearing presents and pastries to celebrate her 6th birthday. Her disposition was bright and, of course, there was that smile again; the one that exudes sheer joy. Fahsai has a new lease on life now and given her total positivity, we like to think that she has completely forgotten about the misery of her infancy.

If you would like more information, like Fahsai, please go to www.care4kids.info, www.facebook.com/jesterscare.kids and/or https://twitter.com/JestersCare4Kid.