Exceptional Learners – SAIS students investigate ‘Quantum Physics’ at Bangkok Patana International School


On the 30th of April, 3 students from SAIS, supervised by Ms. Randall, went to Bangkok Patana International School for an ‘Exceptional Learner’s Quantum Physics Day’.

27 other students from some of Bangkok’s most prestigious schools joined us and were separated into two groups: Team Lambda and Team Psi. The topic of the day was “What is light?”

Students from various schools team up to investigate the question “What is light?”Students from various schools team up to investigate the question “What is light?”

One team went to a lab and carried out experiments to prove that light is a wave, and the other team went to the lab to prove that light is a particle. There were a variety of stations in each lab for groups to gather information. After lunch the two teams met each other and presented their findings to each other; we were only allowed 2 minutes to make a presentation and afterwards we swapped sides and repeated the process.

Students working together on their investigations.Students working together on their investigations.

The Quantum Physics day was inspiring: at the start of the day, most of us didn’t know what light really was in detail, but by the end of the day, we were all teeming with knowledge about light. It opened up our eyes to a whole other world that we now want to explore! We did many fascinating experiments which allowed us to see into this strange world where things don’t act like they are supposed to. It was an unforgettable experience for all of us.