Eco Ninjas turn Garden greener


Garden International School (GIS) is going even greener – with help from a group of Eco Ninjas!

The green-clad Eco Ninjas have been ‘secretly’ appearing at school to encourage students to recycle bottles, paper and other materials. So far they’ve been incredibly successful and money raised from recycling has helped provide new green areas all around the school. The money is also helping fund other projects, such as creating new bird tables and replacing fences with eco-friendly hedges in the school grounds.

Special recycling bins have been provided around school, all clearly marked to show what should go inside them, and students are often reminded about the importance of caring for their environment.

Where have they gone? Year 9 students hunt for the eco ninjas.Where have they gone? Year 9 students hunt for the eco ninjas.

Garden has already taken part in a Keep Britain Tidy campaign that promotes environmental awareness in schools and last year was awarded a Bronze Eco Schools’ certificate. This year it will be aiming for Silver. Several students, known as Eco Warriors, have been helping with this and encouraging others to recycle whenever possible.

He’s behind you!He’s behind you!

Chilling in the Garden canteen.Chilling in the Garden canteen.

Even eco warriors have to queue.Even eco warriors have to queue.

Eco warriors keep an eye on the bins.Eco warriors keep an eye on the bins.

Here’s where your empty bottles go!Here’s where your empty bottles go!