2 Pattaya students score 100% on O-Net

Yuri Genesis Kapis scored 100 percent in English.
Yuri Genesis Kapis scored 100 percent in English.

Two Pattaya students blew away their counterparts nationwide by posting perfect scores in Math and English on the O-Net standardized exam.

Photisampan Pittayakarn School 12th grader Chotiwat Premprasertsuk and Year 3A Filipino Yuri Genesis Kapis scored 100 percent in Math and English, respectively, the Ordinary National Educational Test scores revealed in late March showed.

Chotiwat Premprasertsuk scored 100 percent in Math.
Chotiwat Premprasertsuk scored 100 percent in Math.

By comparison, the average score of 378,000 Mathayom 6 students who took the same test was 25 percent for English and 26.6 percent for Math. The only subject the average Thai senior didn’t fail – barely – was Thai. This year’s average score improved to 52.3 percent, up from last year’s 49.4 percent.

With English an official language in his home Philippines, Kapis, a Year 3A student at the international program at the Thailand Educational Hub, had an advantage over his Thai classmates taking the O-Net.

He admitted he and his family and friends speak English, but insisted the O-Net wasn’t easy. He said his mother makes him study vigorously Monday through Friday and that he cannot use his phone, social media or play video games during the week.

Chotiwat likewise said his family is strict about studying. He said he has never enjoyed reading, but likes math.

There is no secret to his success, he said. He simply began studying hard in seventh grade and by the time he got to 10th grade he realized he had a knack for mathematics, so much so that he began tutoring classmates.

In the future, he hopes to become an engineer, Chotiwat said. He currently hopes to continue his studies at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.

Photisampan Pittayakarn Principal Somsak Duang­charoen said Chotiwat actually is the second to earn a perfect score in math on the O-Net. He said the entire school is proud of his and Kapis’s performance.