Robert W. [Bob] Greenfield 1949 – 2012


Born in Sheffield, England, Bob trained as a chef, and in 1972 emigrated to Australia. Working in Sydney, he heard about the ‘Big Bucks” to be made in the mining camps out west, and so became a much sought after camp boss, working a 6 month on / 6 months off rota, spending his off time travelling. Bob’s first visit to Thailand in 1979 convinced him it was the place to be, and from then on all his off time was spent here, golfing and partying.

In 1984 Bob moved to Pattaya, became a member of the PSC and soon found himself as the golfing handicapper, a labour of love he continued until 2001, when he handed over to the current team.

Robert W. [Bob] Greenfield 1949 - 2012 Robert W. [Bob] Greenfield 1949 – 2012

A keen cyclist, Bob could often be seen riding the sois of Pattaya, and the off-road tracks of the Dark side. A founder of the Saturday Cycling Club, the membership has vowed to continue riding as a way of remembering Bob.

Tall and handsome, he turned many a head and broke a few hearts before settling down with his wife Jit in 1997. They were a devoted couple and Jit was there at his side in his final moments.

Bob’s sudden and premature passing has left his many friends in a state of shock, and created not so much a void as a chasm in their lives. All are agreed though that it was the way he would have chosen to go. He will be greatly missed.

May he rest in peace.