Pattaya Walking Street DJ spins up food for soi dogs

Manoch lovingly feeds two hungry soi puppies.
Manoch lovingly feeds two hungry soi puppies.

A Walking Street deejay is spinning restaurant leftovers into food for about 50 stray dogs.

Manoch Puengyod, 48, was spotted May 23 between Thappraya sois 12 and 15 where he said he comes several times a week to feed homeless dogs. Despite rotating among several late-night deejay jobs on Walking Street, Manoch said he doesn’t go home right away. Instead he goes around collecting scraps from restaurants for the canines.

The next morning he separates the food and puts it neatly out along the Thappraya side-streets where many soi dogs live.

Manoch said the dogs are always happy to see him, although he regrets not being able to feed them daily. He’s been coming with food for more than five years and has seen many puppies born, although he advocates sterilization to keep the stray dog population down.