Visa-That will not do nicely Sir


A British tourist had a shock this week when changing travellers cheques in Pattaya.  He was told by the teller that his Tourist visa had a Thai inscription written by the Thai Embassy in  London that indicated that the Passport Bearer was of bad status and not welcomed in Thailand.  He told Pattaya Mail “ How could I have got into the Country, and what has happened to my status.

I have no Criminal record anywhere in the world, behave well in Thailand and also I have a good business in England.” He usually comes to Thailand for three month’s every year. He contacted the British Embassy and they have told him maybe his name has been mixed up, but suggested that he contacts a Lawyer otherwise he could have a problem leaving the Kingdom.

After contacting a Legal Company he has been advised to go back to England and clear his name.

Having wasted money on an air-ticket he complained, “If this is the way the Thai Embassies treat people, I know why the tourists from Europe are dropping off.”