Vendors applaud beach tree trimming


Pattaya Beach vendors are giving the city’s extreme tree-trimming exercise generally good reviews, although they say now tourists complain about the beach being hotter and less shady.

The general consensus among vendors is that the beach looks cleaner and, with trees no longer blocking lights at night, more people are out. They also applauded a higher profile by police and volunteers.

The beachfront promenade might be brighter now, but it is also much hotter. The beachfront promenade might be brighter now, but it is also much hotter.

Most of those questioned noted, however, the beachfront was now louder, hotter and less shady after quick and aggressive chopping removed most of the foliage.

One foreign shop operator on Soi 6 praised city workers, saying he likes to jog on the beach in the morning.


  1. Oh this is horrible. Makes the city all concrete and bricks. This is NOT NOT what a tropical vacation paradise should be. BS on the security. BS on the vendors. Looks like crap

  2. I used to go for walks the full length of the beach under those trees, which gave a modicum sense of being in an exotic place and some shelter from the sun beating down on you in already 34C air temperatures. The temperature of the sidewalks will be unbearable, impossible for barefoot beachgoers.

    Pattaya is no longer on my list of places to go as a result of this final straw that broke the camel’s back – the idiots who sanctioned this merely forced tourists off the sidewalks in the day, killing the daytime street-vendor sales, and forced the sex trade onto an unlit beach at night creating a more violent scenario for out-of-towners that will be out of the sight of passing traffic and pedestrians.

    It also looks like total crap now.


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