Thugs with a grudge for foreigners arrested for beating 2 more tourists


Two bar bouncers with an apparent grudge for foreigners were arrested again, this time for brutalizing a Japanese tourist and knocking out a Swede who came to his rescue.

Pathipan Thuekwamsue, 28, and Pathana Muensaeng, 24, were apprehended in the early hours of Sept. 9 on the go-go bar-lined Soi LK Metro where they worked as security.

They denied assault charges against Tareyuki Kamiyama, who suffered wounds to the face and body, and a Swede identified only as Stephen, who was knocked down and kicked unconscious. A viral YouTube video showed him lying on the pavement as medics attended to him.

Stephen later claimed his assailants stole 5,000 baht from his pockets.

The melee reportedly started after the Japanese man got into an argument inside a Soi LK Metro bar that turned violent with the intervention of so-called security. The Swede tried to intervene as the two thugs ganged up on the Japanese visitor.

Pathipan and Pathana denied the charges, claiming self-defense because the foreigners attacked them further. Police planned to review security camera footage to get to the bottom of the matter.

Pathipan and Pathana, however, have a record of beating up foreign tourists. They were arrested April 8 after ganging up on Briton Lee Huntingdon on Soi Buakhao three days earlier.

Huntingdon allegedly grabbed the bum of a Thai woman walking with her Finnish boyfriend. The Finn punched the Brit in the face and the woman called her brother, Pathipan, who brought friends to help stomp the Englishman.

Pathana claimed he tried to end the argument but decided to smack Huntingdon in the face when he failed. The other Thais willingly joined in, chasing Huntingdon to a Family Mart where the beating continued.

Police said the Thais admitted assaulting the drunk Brit because he spoke harshly to them.


  1. Who really cares not the police this will be swept under the carpet just like all asouls in Pattaya police don’t want to know about Thais beating ferangs


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