Swedish tourist jailed after hotel rampage


A Swedish tourist was arrested for allegedly smashing up his Pattaya hotel room and refusing to pay for the 20,000 baht in damage.

Gary Arne Roger Gronberg, 48, was captured running from the Jomtien Longstay hotel, from where he had fled after climbing down from a third-floor window March 20. Shirtless, he was captured carrying a meter-long metal pipe, which police had to take from him forcibly.

Police said Gronberg claimed he had gotten into a fight with another man in his room about 1 p.m. the day before. The man fled, but when hotel staff came to the door, he thought his opponent had returned and grabbed the pipe and attacked them.

Police take down Gary Arne Roger Gronberg.Police take down Gary Arne Roger Gronberg.

He then barricaded the door with the refrigerator, air conditioner and other objects. Plugs, towels, pillows and sheets were all damaged, costing about 20,000 baht, the hotel said.

He eventually told police he would pay for the damage, but needed to get the money from a friend. He was tossed into jail until the funds arrived.


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